DriveThruRPG Halloween Sale: Creepy Doll Studios

One Foot in the Grave &
Dude, Run!

The DriveThruRPG Halloween Sale is in its last days, and we’ve dug through to find some gems that might appeal to you. This post will cover two games from Creepy Doll Studios.

One Foot in the Grave

Are you looking for a bit of whimsy in your fight against the lumbering zombie fiction out there? One Foot in the Grave is a silly romp of a game where you play an elder in a retirement home that’s being invaded by the walking dead (™)!

Yes, you can have foot chases between a lumbering Romero-style shambler and a guy who just got a hip replacement. I ran a hilarious one-shot of OFitG and this game reminds me of Bubba Ho-Tep in pitch and play, and I love that about it. Bonus, you fill a BINGO card as a part of play.

Dude, Run!

Dude, Run is a storytelling game with light competitive elements where the PCs are all part of a crew investigating “haunted” places for a TV show and trying to spin completely BS reasons that the very mundane noises or sights are actually signs of the undead! The mechanics of the game allow you to amp up your “belief” in the supernatural to try and sell the haunting, but be careful! You just might freak yourself out and run for the hills.

If you like camera confessionals and playing broad characters, Dude, Run is definitely worth a shot.

(Cover Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash)

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